Why Us

Our Mission: You’re Never Alone

Our dream is that one day every single parent across America, who has a child in public school who is struggling, will have the resources and the training to go into any meeting in any public school, and be able to stand up for their child’s rights and successfully negotiate an IEP or 504 Plan that truly meets their child’s needs.

Our Commitment

Our Customer Love team (yes, that really is their name!), advocates and administrative staff are right there with you. We know what the struggle is like and we want to help you get through it too.

Call, email, or chat if you ever need support (or a pep talk!).

Our pledge is give you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to help your child receive the help they need from the public school system.

On behalf of my entire team, we can’t wait to meet you and get started!



Pam Lindemann, Founder and President

Some thoughts from families we’ve helped…

After taking the training I went into my son’s IEP meeting fully trained and prepared. I had my list. I had my support documents. I marched right into the meeting and went through my checklist, point by point. It was the most successful meeting I ever had! Afterward my husband said to me, ‘Who are you? You were amazing! I’ve never seen you so charged!'
– Stacey W.
This is the most important training I ever took for the benefit of my son. He will need an IEP for the rest of his life and for the first time I do not fear IEP meetings! I am prepared. I know what my rights are. I know what tactics the schools use to deny services, and I know how to be successful against them. I can’t thank you enough.
– Tanya P.
I will never, ever, go into an IEP meeting without my advocate again. Never. The difference was amazing. They paid attention to me and listened to what I said. Normally my meetings take 20 minutes and they rush me in and rush me out. Not this time. At the end of two hours they said to me, ‘Is there anything else we haven’t covered that we can help you with?’ For the first time I felt like I was heard. For the first time I understand my son’s IEP. For the first time I have hope. Thank you for making all of it happen.
– Laura R.