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Our dream is that one day every single parent across America, who has a child in public school who is struggling, will have the resources and the training to go into any meeting in any public school and be able to stand up for their child’s rights and successfully negotiate an IEP or 504 Plan that truly meets their child’s needs.

Our Mission:
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Our Commitment

Our Customer Love Team (yes, that really is their name!), advocates, and administrative staff are right there with you. We know what the struggle is like and we want to help you get through it, too.

Call, email, or chat if you ever need support (or a pep talk!).

Our pledge is to give you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to help your child receive the help they need from the public school system.

On behalf of my entire team, we can’t wait to meet you and get started!


Pam Lindemann, Founder, and President

What Parents Are Saying

Why You’re Here. Why I’m Here.

I’m guessing you’re here because when it comes to IEP’s, you’re lost, frustrated, and you don’t like any of it. I’m here because I absolutely love IEP’s, the IEP process, and going to IEP meetings, and I’m really good at it and I have a team of professionals that are just as dedicated. We’re perfect for each other! You have found your IEP home!

Here Is My Story

My daughter was born with cerebral palsy.

The doctors told us Katherine wouldn’t live beyond her third birthday. We ignored them, took her home, and loved her with everything we had. Instinctively I knew if she was going to have the best shot in life, I had to learn about “special education.” I attended numerous seminars, workshops, and training. The governor of Florida appointed me to a state policy board regarding early intervention and education. I worked with a slew of organizations, sat on dozens of educational committees, and learned as much as possible. Soon I was helping other parents get IEP’s for their children.

In 2009, I started The IEP Advocate. Along the way, some remarkable, talented individuals joined me and today, with a staff of 30+ advocates, we are the largest private advocacy organization in the country, serving families across the United States. I have personally participated in over 2,500 IEP meetings, consulted with over 4,000 families, and taught advocacy strategies to thousands more.

As a parent, all you want for your child is to learn to read, write, do the math, be happy in school, have friends, behave, finish homework (and turn it in!), and you want them to have a chance to reach their potential, whatever that is for them.

However, if you’re reading this, things probably aren’t going so great. You are lost, confused, and scared to death your child is going to fail school, and — here’s the biggie — if they don’t do well in school, they may fail in life.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you CAN get the public school system to help your child and we are going to do it together.

Over the past several years, I developed “IEP’s Made Easy” — a simple to follow, easy to understand, easy to execute training that walks you through the IEP process (or 504 Plan) one step at a time. You can go as slowly — or as fast —– as you want to go based on your experience level and personal situation.

After working together, parents have told me they’re more confident, more effective, more knowledgeable than ever and their children are finally getting the help they need.

Now it’s time for you to do the same…let’s do it together.


Pam Lindemann
Founder and President