The McKay Coalition

It is imperative that we do not take for granted that the McKay Scholarship Program (MSP) is a permanent program in Florida. The program must have champions raising their voices to educate the public and policy makers on how important this program is to Florida. One way of raising your voice is to become a member of The Coalition for McKay Scholarship Schools.

What Does The Coalition Do For You?

  •  Provide you a voice at the legislature that helps to guide policy decisions concerning MSP
  •  Work with FL DOE on procedural issues that are workable for private schools
  •  Alert you to any issues that could be detrimental to our schools’ ability to continue to provide programs using MSP
  •  Assist our member schools in promoting MSP as a positive, strong addition to Florida’s educational options;
  • Send FYI’s on issues involving the MSP;
  • Hold opportunities to network with schools at conferences, and more.

For More Information on the McKay Coalition Click Here

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