We’ve helped hundreds of parents ‘bump up’ their matrix score

We’ve helped hundreds of parents ‘bump up’ their matrix score to get more money for the McKay Scholarship. If you think your matrix should be higher or if you want to make sure it’s as high as possible before you pull your child out of public school, call us and we’ll see how we can help.


From $5,600 to $11,300!

“I had no idea how the McKay Scholarship process worked, nor could I find any information to help me learn more about what funding I was eligible for. I called Pam and she was quick to help. She reviewed my son’s IEP and determined he would be eligible for the lower amount of funding at a 251. I was disappointed but Pam gave me hope! We worked hard and secured extra services my son needed to help him in school now we now have a score of 253! I am delighted and grateful for your help and support.” Miranda

If You Want To Use the McKay Scholarship, NOW is the Time to Make Sure You Have As Many Services on the IEP as Possible

If you are thinking of using the McKay Scholarship to put your child in a private school next year, the most important thing is NOT to go online and register your intent to use the scholarship. You have until July to do that step. No, the most important thing you can do is to make sure your child has the strongest IEP possible with as many services as necessary for him to succeed.

Do NOT go into the IEP meeting asking the school to increase your child’s matrix score! The school personnel cannot change the matrix score just because you want more money. That would be nice, but it doesn’t work that way. This is how it works: A child’s McKay Scholarship amount is based on the matrix score. The matrix score is based on the services a child receives on his IEP. If you want a higher dollar amount for the scholarship, make sure your child has a very well written IEP and that he is getting as many services as he qualifies for from the school district.

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