Letter Templates

Below are sample letters you can use to send to the school district.  Make sure you fill in all the red areas with your specific information.  Make sure you delete all notes and instructions before you send the letter.  If you email the letter, always follow-up by sending a hard copy by regular mail.  These letters should be sent to the principal and not the teacher; principals have the authority, teachers do not.

Letter requesting an INITIAL EVALUATION from the school district

Use this letter for a child who has never been evaluated by the school district before. **Important:  You must also download and print the OSEP letter from the Department of Education. It is located right below this letter.


Attach This OSEP Letter to Your Letter Requesting Evaluations

Download and print this letter from the United States Department of Education.
Send it to the principal with your letter requesting evaluations.

Letter requesting an INDEPENDENT EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION (IEE) from the school district –

After the school district has done an evaluation and presented it to you, if you disagree with the evaluation for any reason, you can request a private evaluation be completed by the provider of your choice, and paid for by the school district.  You don’t even have to explain why you disagree with their evaluation:  You just might want a second opinion.

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