How To Help Your Child

You pick the program that works best for you. If you’re a self-starter, and you like to study on your own at your own pace, then the monthly training program is for you.
If you’re anxious to learn as much as you can, if you want to get “up and running” as an advocate for your own child or for others, then the IEP Advocacy 101 Class is for you.
If you’re scared to death, if it’s an emergency and your child needs help now, then our one-of-a-kind one-on-one advocate support program is probably for you. We’ll talk with you, identify the problems, come up with solutions and hold your hand through the process the entire time.
We charge flat fees that are reasonable, and we give a lot back in return.

Self-Paced Online Course with Live Support

“All About IEP’s”
Training Plan

Ongoing monthly training in all areas
of IEP’s and 504 Plans

  • Self-paced
  • Live support through Facebook
  • Free on demand access to numerous online tutorials on a variety of subjects about special education
  • Talk with live advocates
  • Dive deep with monthly trainings in writing goals, getting evaluations, writing behavior plans, accommodations, special education services, transition from high school, and so, so much more!
  • Free access to past, current and future trainings.
  • Special BONUS courses offered throughout the year — free for you!

Fast-Paced Online Course with Live Support

IEP Advocacy 101:
I Need to
Know It Now

The most comprehensive information in
the shortest amount of time.

  • Faster pace
  • 10 TEACHING MODULES: Over 20 hours of in-depth training about IEP’s including behavior, how to read an IEP and know what your child is — or isn’t — getting, IEP meeting strategies, state complaints and due process, what to do when the school won’t, and more.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Pam Lindemann has over 23 years experience in education advocacy and has personally been involved in thousands of IEP meetings and trained thousands of parents how to be advocates. Her style is direct, bottom line, a lot of love, and a whole lot of practical teaching so you can better advocate on your own!
  • Q & A WEEKLY TRAINING CALL with Pam — just for this class!
  • YOUR OWN 30 MINUTE PRIVATE call with Pam — Discuss your child’s IEP, advocacy, whatever you want!
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

Advocate Support Specific for Your Child


When you need one-on-one help from an experienced advocate to guide you through the IEP/504 Plan process.

A step-by-step strategy specifically designed to help you get what your child needs from the school system.

  • You’ll receive an extensive consultation with an experienced advocate to assess your situation.
  • We will review your child’s IEP/504 Plan and other educational documents and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Create a step-by-step plan to help you reach your goal. You can implement the plan on your own or use one of our advocates to help. Participation in IEP meetings is an additional fee.
  • Comprehensive letter written for you to the school, as needed.

**PLUS all the monthly benefits from “All About IEP’s” Monthly Training Plan