Florida IEP Eligibility

An individualized education program is a written document to qualify a child in public school special education services. According to the Individuals with Disabilities Act, public schools are required to provide an IEP to any child, aged 3 to 17, who will need special education services. These services do not cost the parents any money. Let the staff at IEP Advocate help you get the help your special needs child needs and deserves.


In this 1st step to qualifying for an IEP the child’s struggles are to be documented and further explained. It may determine if the child’s problem can be addressed in a standard classroom setting.


If the pre-referral does not work for your child, a referral can be sent for special education services by the parents, daycare employees, a public health nurse, a doctor or a social service agency.


After the referral is sent the child will be assessed for a disability that requires special education services. The team will look into the child’s interpersonal relationships, school performance and behavior at home to pinpoint the particular services he or she will need. The child’s strengths will also be noted.


If your child is eligible for an IEP, the team will create a plan of action to provide the right special education services.

IEP Development

The IEP development stage is where the work of IEP Advocate begins. Along with the parents, educators, administrators and other specialists your advocate will participate in creating your child’s IEP. Do not fret IEP Advocate works for you and your child, no one else. We will gather the necessary resources, create an appropriate learning style and set long and short term goals.


This is where the IEP starts. Instruction and testing accommodations are made along with other services from different providers (i.e. occupational therapists, physical therapists or speech pathologists).

Evaluation and Review

The IEP is reviewed annually to make sure the child’s educational goals are being met. The IEP may be revised if educational goals are not being met. If the goals are being met, new milestones may be set up.

The IEP Advocate has 3 programs to choose from to help you advocate for your child’s needs. The fees for our programs are flat, reasonable and go a long way to help your child. The ‘All About IEP’s’ monthly plan is self paced. You get live support through Facebook, free access to special education online tutorials and you can speak to our advocates live.

‘IEP Advocacy 101: I Need to Know It Now’ is a faster paced online program. It has 10 teaching modules, a weekly Q & A training call from instructor Pam Lindemann and a free 30 minute phone conversation with Pam to discuss your child’s situation.

The IEP Advocate also offers one on one personal support. An experienced advocate will assess your child’s situation. We will review the IEP and other relevant documents and discuss how to improve them. A step by step plan will be created to help reach the IEP goals. Parents can do this step themselves or with help from an advocate. The IEP Advocate can also write a comprehensive letter to the school on your behalf. This program includes all the benefits of the ‘All About IEP’s’ monthly plan.

For more information about qualifying for an IEP call us at 407-342-9836 or send an email to [email protected]

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