Daycare School Red Deer

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Daycare School Red Deer

For the best daycare school in Red Deer, more parents are sending their children to Red Deer Montessori. Here, we do all the things that a typical daycare would, including changing diapers, feeding, playing with the children, and providing all of their basic needs. We have children from ages 2-5 years in our daycare school, and we have many different programs to cater to their individual needs.

On top of providing for basic childcare needs, Red Deer Montessori is an exceptional choice for daycare because we begin preparing children for kindergarten and their future education using the Montessori education model. The Montessori model is simple. It is the most effective way for teaching children, making them engaged, inquisitive, and bright from an early age.

As our name suggests, Red Deer Montessori utilizes the Montessori teaching model. The Montessori education model makes learning fun for kids, and children learn better when they have fun learning. Obviously, by engaging all of their five senses, children will naturally have more fun and learn more. At Red Deer Montessori, we fan the inner flame in children to learn and develop. This is the core contrast between Red Deer Montessori and conventional schools.

The Difference Between Conventional Daycare Schools and Montessori Daycare Schools

Conventional schools assume that children need incentives to learn; gold stars, A’s, honorary ribbons, popcorn parties, etc. If children don’t respond to the curriculum, they must be dealt punishments in the form of bad grades and trips to the principle’s office. Montessori schools assume the opposite! Children do not need to be forced to learn. In fact, children are naturally interested in learning. Take a look at any child prior to kindergarten.

Have you ever noticed how children touch everything they see, turn it over, and taste it? Prior to ever stepping foot in that first classroom, they’ve already learned how to sit, stand, walk, run, swim, sing, count, ride a bike; tell stories, jokes, and lies! Then, these energetic, engaged, and accomplished 6-year-olds turn into 12-year-olds who ask, “Are we getting graded on this?”

The inner flame that children have at age 6 doesn’t burn out on its own! Conventional schools smother it. In contrast, Montessori schools stoke that flame by providing hands-on, self-paced, collaborative, challenging, and joyful learning. Red Deer Montessori is a daycare school in Red Deer that encourages divergent thinking instead of convergent thinking. We teach innovation over standardization. Montessori education does all of this with no grades, no tests, and no homework.

Send Your Kids to Red Deer Montessori

In today’s world, choosing the right daycare school in Red Deer isn’t as simple as it once was. It used to be that all schools were safe, affordable, and gave a relatively high-quality education to their students. Nowadays, the cost of school, school safety, and the education model of each school needs to be strongly considered before making a decision where to send your children each day.



Daycare School Red Deer

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