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If You Want to Be An Educational Advocate For Your
Child or For Other Families, This is The Class to Take

If you have a child in the public school system that has an IEP, or should have an IEP, YOU should be in this class. If you’re tired of not getting truthful answers, tired of not understanding the system, tired of being ignored…this class will teach you how to fight smart, stand-up for yourself and your child, and get things done right.

WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ADVOCATE? Hundreds of advocates have graduated from this class and some have gone into business for themselves helping parents navigate IEPs.

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  • How much power you have as a parent. You’ll have increased self-confidence to ask for what your child needs.
  • How to have more successful meetings.
  • The entire IEP process and what services the school can provide for your child.
  • How to make sure the school is playing by the rules, how far to push in an IEP meeting and when not to stop pushing!
  • What to do when the school won’t do what you’re asking for or they ignore you.
  • What to do before, during and after an IEP meeting.

HERE’S WHAT ONE PARENT SAID: “This is the most important training I ever took for the benefit of my son. He will need an IEP for the rest of his life and for the first time I do not fear IEP meetings! I am prepared, I know what my rights are, I know what tactics the schools use to deny services, and I know how to be successful against them. When my husband and I left our last IEP meeting he turned to me and said, ‘Who are you? You were wonderful in there!’”

Live Online Class Starts September 9 | Information Session August 19 at 6 p.m.

Thursdays 6 p.m. – 7:30 on the following dates:
September:  9, 16, 23, 30
October: 7, 14, 21, 28
November: 4, 11, 18
December: 2

These sessions will also be recorded so you don’t have to panic if you miss a class.
PLUS: You’ll receive 20 hours of recorded training to supplement the live class – listen to these sessions at your convenience.

INSTRUCTOR: Pam Lindemann

FEE: You decide how much you want to pay. Seriously.

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