Cda Renewal

Article provided by: NICCM National Institute of Child Care Management

Cda Renewal

NICCM offers affordable courses for CDA and NAC Renewal. At NICCM, their goal is to provide you with many options to renew your current credentials. They can help you with renewal whether you have an NICCM NAC, a Texas credential earned through another agency, or any other nationally recognized credential.

It’s easy to register for NICCM’s CDA Fast Track or NAC Renewal courses. For the NAC, NICCM does not charge a renewal fee. Once a current NICCM Credential holder meets the following requirements their credential will automatically renew.

1. Notify NICCM of any changes in job position, employer or contact information. 2. Have at least 10 hours of training from NICCM during the 2 years you have been credentialed. Some options for obtaining your training hours include attending an NICCM Training Cruise, an upcoming Leadership Retreat, or the NICCM Renewal Special offered through a live event or the Distance Learning Program. Also, HandPrint Video Training Kits are also a great option because they not only meet requirements for renewal but also are also multi-use. 3. Complete renewal paperwork including the annual survey.

NICCM understands that it’s easy to get so wrapped up in doing your job that days, weeks, months and even years can pass before you even realize it. Now, like never before, it is vitally important to plan for your career, your life, and your future. At NICCM and Hand Print, they are committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams, and have developed a Fast Track method to help you do this.

Having and maintaining a National CDA is more important to the success of your career than ever before. Now there is an option in which you can literally get CDA ready over a week-end. In addition to being available through live 3-day events, the CDA Fast Track course is also available through the innovative Distance Learning Program on DVD. NICCM makes it a simple process for you to sign up for Fast Track CDA or NAC Renewal courses on their website.

NICCM credential holders are required to get 10 hours of training through NICCM during their renewal year. They offer many different options for you to receive these hours. One of the ways participants can choose to earn these hours is to complete 2 sessions through a live event or through the Distance Learning Program. Whether you’re interested in signing up for Fast Track CDA classes or NAC Renewal, you’ll find everything you need to register online at

Your success is important to NICCM. Whether it’s helping you pass the CDA or a renewal for the NAC, their comprehensive classes are designed to meet you wherever you are along your journey to success. NICCM even makes it possible for you to complete both the CDA and the NAC Renewal courses over the same weekend!

If you have questions and would like to speak with someone from NICCM, please call (602) 476-1422. You can also go online to to learn more about the different courses that NICCM offers and how to get registered for them.

Cda Renewal