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Middle School IEP Success Story

When it came time to list the services he would be getting at the middle school, everything changed. The five times a week intervention was replaced…

Child with head on desk

Can Students With An IEP Receive a Failing Grade?

A student eligible for special education is entitled to certain protections outlined in the IDEA (in disciplinary matters, for example), but the right to obtain a particular grade is not specified anywhere in these protections…

Frustrated phone call

I picked up the phone, and I could hear her crying, sobbing on the other end…

I talk to dozens of parents every week – mostly moms – about the struggles their children are facing in this new world of education during COVID. More than ever, moms are calling in tears because they are frustrated, exasperated, panicky and most of all fearful that their children are falling further and further behind in their education and the parents don’t know how to help them…


504 Plan In Florida

A 504 plan is an outline for how schools can offer supports and remove obstacles for kids with disabilities. The aim of the plan is to offer equal access to…

IEP Meeting In Florida

What to expect from an IEP meeting After asking to have their child evaluated for special education services, a lot of parents do not know what to expect at the…

Florida IEP Advocate

Choosing a Florida IEP Advocate for your child Gone are the days when the parents of children with educational disabilities have to give up all hope of getting quality education…

IEP Process In Florida

The Individual Educational Plan is a standard requirement for students with special needs. The plan is, however, only available to candidates who pass the Exceptional Student Education exam. IEP is…

Florida Gardiner Scholarship

What is the Florida Gardiner Scholarship? The Gardiner Scholarship is designed for Florida children with unique educational needs. Usually, it is awarded from age 3 or 4 through 12th grade…

Get Help With Florida IEP

Has your kid has been identified as requiring special education services to support his or her learning at school? Children need an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to receive special education…

How to Get an IEP In Florida

How to get an IEP in Florida The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that public schools must create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for all children with unique…

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