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The IEP Advocate, Inc.

Increasing Your McKay Scholarship

If you think your child’s McKay Scholarship amount should be higher, or if you want to make sure it’s as high as possible before you pull you child out of public school, call us. We’ll review the IEP and determine if the IEP can be improved. If the scholarship funding can be increased, we’ll tell you exactly how to do it or, if you want our help with the process, we’re happy to assist.

The IEP Advocate, Inc.

Qualifying for an IEP

Contact us. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you. If it’s an easy to solve problem, we’re happy to help.

The IEP Advocate, Inc.

Trainings & Events

The Twigs is an elite group of well-trained parents and professionals who help children get needed educational services from the public school system as required by law. Many graduates have gone on to either advocate with The IEP Advocate or become an independent advocate on their own.

The IEP Advocate, Inc.

Free 15 Minute Evaluation Call

Let’s talk! Tell us what’s going on and at the end of the 15 minutes we will tell you if we think we can help you or not. If we can help, we will give you an estimate of how much time we think it will take and the estimated cost.

We understand that sometimes finances can be challenging. Please do not let that keep you from calling! You would be amazed at how much help and direction you can receive in a free 15 minute discussion.

Call Now: 407 342 9836

The IEP Advocate, Inc.

Attend IEP and 504 Meetings with You

As your Advocate, we can attend IEP/504 Plan meetings with you, help you get services and develop a better plan. We will make sure:

  • The school staff treats you with the respect you deserve and they listen to you.
  • The school district complies with the laws that protect your child.
  • School personnel and district staff take action even when they have repeatedly ignored your prior requests for help.
  • Accommodations and modifications put on the IEP are followed by the staff.
IEP Advocate

Manifestation Determination Review Meetings

Warning! These meetings are critically important! If your child has been suspended for 10 days, and they have an IEP, then the school has to hold a manifestation determination review meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to determine if the infraction was caused by the child’s disability, a manifestation of his/her disability, or not. If your child’s behaviors are symptoms of a larger problem that needs to be addressed, putting him out of school will not address these problems. So many times parents don’t know that because of the suspensions, their child could be moved to an alternate school for students with “bad behavior.”

We NEVER recommend a parent go to one of these meetings without at advocate because so much is at stake.

The IEP Advocate, Inc.

Evaluation Call

If you don’t want to hire an advocate, but you’d like some advice and direction on what to do next, or how to handle an upcoming meeting, we’re here to help! If this is you, we can work with you on a consulting basis where you only pay for the time we talk!

We can propose strategies and make recommendations and provide guidance to you prior to, or after, your IEP meeting.

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