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Pam Lindemann The IEP Advocate review summary

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4on BirdEye,Nov 14, 2018


Staff courteous, and professional. Appreciate their expertise.

5on BirdEye,Oct 26, 2018


Pam has been our advocate for 12 years now. She is knowledgeable, caring and professional. I will not an IEP meeting without her. Her staff is courteous and always willing to help.

5on BirdEye,Oct 22, 2018

Mary Louise

The IEP Advocate is amazing! My only regret is that I didn’t call them years earlier. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and get the IEP Advocate to fight for your child!

5on BirdEye,Oct 17, 2018


I will never attend another IEP meeting without an advocate, especially Jennifer. She is amazing! We have gotten so much more accomplished in less than a year than I had in the previous years combined!! Thank you!!

5on BirdEye,May 29, 2018


Pam and her staff were wonderful in getting our son an IEP. We have been struggling with the school for years with no success. Thank you so much for all you did!!

5on BirdEye,May 29, 2018


Pam and her Sr. Advocate, Jennifer Allan are very professional and absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me navigate the IEP process. Their knowledge and skills enabled us to provide the best outcome for my son. He will now get the support he needs in school and they will take your requests more seriously knowing you have professional advocate working with you!

5on Google,May 20, 2018


I have only employed the services of Pam Lindemann and The IEP Advocate for a short time. The team is always prompt, courteous, and professional. Hands down I would recommend this team of professionals anytime to anyone!

5on Google,May 20, 2018


What an awesome advocate! I would HIGHLY recommend having one of these people at EVERY IEP/504 meeting. Even if there is nothing "wrong" with the IEP, they will just make sure it stays that way.

5on Google,May 20, 2018


Cannot say enough good things about Pam and the team. After years of struggling to get my son the help he needs, Pam was able to get an improved IEP in place and now my son is thriving.

5on Google,May 20, 2018


The staff were understood out sense of urgency. They were equipped and knowledgeable. They had a timely turnaround whether via phone call or email. Having them on my son’s support team was extremely empowering in the IEP process!

5on Facebook,May 19, 2018


If it wasn't for Pam and her great Team, I wouldn't have no idea what I was doing. Just by the Grace of God, I recieved out of the blue a E-mail with her name The IEP ADVOCATE, I was thinking it came from Nashville or Sevier County, TN. I started reading and the more I read the more I realized this information, was all new to me. Pam woke me up out of a dead sleep. I was sleeping for 11 years not knowing or realizing what information what crucial t me and my son. I needed important information that was just NOW PRESENTED to me about 2 weeks ago from our School District, when I feel this crucial information could have bettered my son's outlook on life and future. I have been dealing with a depressed, hurt, scared and frustrated boy trapped in his own body. I thought i was giving him the best i could, not knowing I was blindsided myself. I praise and bless Pam that God sent her to us just in time.

5on BirdEye,May 16, 2018


They did a great job.Thank you

5on BirdEye,May 16, 2018


Our experience was a very positive one. In the past we have been unsuccessful with getting an IEP for our son even after 2 previous neuropsychological evaluations done independently. Nicole was very thorough and knew what questions to ask in order to get my son the services he needs. My only regret is that we didn’t hire an advocate years ago!

5on BirdEye,May 16, 2018


I had an amazing experience with both Pam and Diane. Diane came to the IEP meeting with me and made sure my questions were answered and everything we discussed was on the record. Both Pam and Diane were extremely professional and compassionate.

5on Facebook,May 16, 2018


Well worth every dollar and would recommend to everyone!

5on Facebook,May 15, 2018


Pam and her team of advocates have been amazingly helpful in supporting me to fight for what my child needs to be successful in school. I highly recommend them!

5on BirdEye,May 15, 2018


Staff is knowledgeable and kind. I always felt as if they were on my side and always acted in my child's best interest.

5on BirdEye,May 15, 2018


Sandy was very knowledgeable in helping us in our IEP meeting. Sandy took the lead at the IEP meeting and was very helpful. We are using her again.

5on Google,May 13, 2018


Pam and her staff have been key to our son's success in school. Pam and her staff advocate and support our son with his best interest always in mind. Our son would not be as successful and would not have the proper supports in place had we not had Pam with us to advocate for him. Our family recommends Pam Lindemann to anyone who needs an advocate or needs helps navigating the school system with an IEP.

5on Google,May 13, 2018


The IEP Advocate was the greatest blessing for my son, Speaking with Pam and knowing that she understands what you are going through as a concerned parent really helped to prepare me for the 2nd meeting. Pam educated me on different sections of the IEP to make sure I understood certain things that were listed. The meeting was beyond EXCELLENT with Ellen Kay's impeccable knowledge, advocating for our son, it was music to our ears and a song written in our hearts. We are truly grateful for the IEP Advocate and HIGHLY recommend them to any parent who needs assistance with getting the best plan for your child/children!!

5on Facebook,May 07, 2018


All of our dealings with The IEP Advocate has been great. Everyone has been great to work with.

5on Facebook,May 07, 2018


So, I actually get to work for Pam as an advocate. I have a lot of experience in the field of Exceptional Student Education. I am an ESE teacher. I have a degree in Varying Exceptionalities Education. I've been a college adjunct professor. I've supervised interns studying to become ESE teachers. With that all being said, now I am just a mom with 2 children that have IEPs and I would NEVER consider walking into my child's IEP meeting without my advocate by my side. Pam and the advocates that work for her are absolutely the best! Thank you IEP Advocate Team!

5on Facebook,May 07, 2018


Pam Lindemann & staff have been exactly what my son and our family needed. We are still in the midst of ensuring his middle school does the up most for him and what should have been done YEARS ago but I'm already certain I would hire Pam again and again. I have to point out that this should NOT be a service that is so very necessary as it paints the picture quite clearly for me how public education is amiss for children with special needs. It also shows me how privileged our family is to have the means in which to hire Pam. So many families struggling do not. Ensuring my son not only makes it through his education but also thrives and enjoys what he is learning is my focus but because of Pam and what she has taught me I will do whatever I can to shout her name and services to everyone who will listen and to never allow the school system to downplay my son's needs ever again. We received more than just an advocate with Pam and for that we are forever grateful!

5on Google,May 06, 2018


Pam is great to have on your side during IEP meetings. We managed to get the most comprehensive IEP ever with her help.

5on Google,May 06, 2018


The IEP Advocate, Inc. was a godsend. It was timely with the great concerns I was experiencing and the needs I had. Upon praying, I was led to IEP advocate by God and I'm very pleased with the interaction and the outcome. The IEP Advocate team helped to ease some of the great stress and concerns I had prior to the IEP meeting and the process. The IEP Advocate team from its President Founder Pam to everyone I had an encounter with, was very caring, compassionate, supportive, encouraging and helpful when needed - in writing, by phone, email... That personal touch they provided through uplifting and inspiring cards and follow up emails, exhibited their loving spirit and a caring heart, which was truly needed and appreciated during this difficult process. Pam, Andrea, Ellen, Janine and The Advocate team are very professional, knowledgeable helpful, and timely with their communication and responses. They're on top of their game and I'm thankful for them and the work that they do. I truly appreciate their godly spirit. Pam, Andrea, Ellen and The Advocate team, thank you again. You do good work!

5on Facebook,May 01, 2018

Lisa Snyder

Jennifer Allen was excellent at getting me what we needed for a higher matrix score. She sat quietly throughout our 3 hour meeting and spoke up when she needed to. She had them scrambling at a couple of points, which had me fighting back a smile. Thank you Jennifer for driving over and being our hero!

5on BirdEye,Apr 30, 2018


Sandy was amazing! She was very thorough and professional. Se definitely didn't let anything slide. My daughter definitely got the plan that she deserves to have! I'm not sure I could've done it alone. Pam and her whole team are top notch in my opinion. Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me and for my daughter. I am forever greatful!

5on Google,Apr 27, 2018


To work with Pam and her team, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. My son has had an IEP since Kindergarten and not until switching counties this last year did I feel the pain of having your son struggle because his needs were not met and my questions never truly answered. I had my first IEP review meeting with the School and my advocate Tracey completely dominated the meeting and we got what we wanted and more. Never again will I attend any of those meetings without my advocate and Pam's guidance. They are a true blessing! Even if you are at a "good" school, I suggest you attending those meetings with a knowledgeable advocate from Pam's team. You are only doing your child and their future a favor!

5on Google,Apr 27, 2018


My day is always brightened with a call from one of the advocates or staff at The IEP Advocate. They are knowledgeable and ready with all the information I need but also so kind and quick to go the extra mile to help with everything I ask. I highly recommend this group of talented advocates.

5on Google,Apr 27, 2018


I am always so happy I have someone from the IEP Advocate at my side. Things change dramatically as a result of their presence. Their input is also spot on and extremely helpful. The money you spend is worth every dime and more.

5on Facebook,Apr 24, 2018


It is the best decision I've ever made for my 3 children. The funny thing is that working with the school district is really a game of what you don't know can hurt you. The school or the district has a whole bunch of options available to kids that have real needs. But it's very rare that they offer everything available to them. You must know what to ask for and what the law requires them to do. You might have enough knowledge to get an IEP for your child yourself. But I 100% guarantee you will help your child get significantly more of what they need with IEP Advocate on your side. Don't just settle for what the school says. Many times they either don't know themselves what's available, feel they don't have the financial resources to make it happen (you can use McKay even if you stay in public schools) or are given incentives for denying services. Even good hearted, nice teachers, SLPs, etc. are limited by their superiors. Every time I've thought, just save the money and do it myself, I am always glad I brought the IEP folks with me. It is money well spent 100 times over. You would never go to court without an attorney - Don't go to an IEP meeting alone.

5on Facebook,Apr 24, 2018


Pam Lindemann and her team are Amazing. She has attended every IEP for my daughter since Kindergarten and she is in High School now. She is a professional at law. My daughter has had a paraprofessional since Kindergarten. I highly recommend Pam. She is knowledgeable and a professional. We have been blessed to have Pam as our advocate for so many years. I will not attend a meeting without her!

5on Facebook,Apr 23, 2018


Getting an IEP Advocate was the best decision I made in getting support to deal with my daughters school. It has been a long hard road trying to get the school to accommodate my daughters needs and Jennifer has been very helpful and knowledgeable. She has answered every email and phone call and has given me guidance to achieve our goal. Thank you!

5on BirdEye,Apr 23, 2018


If you are feeling defeated lost or just caught up in the doldrums of the IEP process rest assured there is a solution. Do your homework because advocacy is not a one size fits all. Once we found Pam and her incredible team the scales tipped in our favor. This battle is personal Pam and her staff have in one way or another battled disabilities personally. There is something to be said about a team that has walked in your shoes. You do not just get Pam you get a kind caring team who are always there to lend there support . To me going into an IEP meeting in any form can be a daunting task. There is so much information and detail that you get from Pam and her team. This is about having the best prepared team to advocate for your child. The solution for us no doubt was Pam and her staff. They were not just a game changer they were a life saver. We will continue to use Pam and her dedicated team to advocate for our child. To me this sums up Pam and her team: they advocate for your child like your child is their child. You can not teach that quality to just anybody. Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do for our child.

5on Facebook,Apr 18, 2018


I highly recommend, Pam and her team. I recently went to my school meeting with one wonderful, professional advocate and I was amazed how she handled the meeting and demanded services for my daughter. Every penny was worthy, you will not regret getting services from Pam and her team, they are wonderful.

5on Facebook,Apr 02, 2018


To work with Pam and her team, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. My son has had an IEP since kindergarten and not until switching counties this last school year did I feel the pain of having your son struggle because his needs were not met and my questions never truly answered. I had my first IEP review meeting with the school and my advocate Tracey completely dominated the meeting and we got what we wanted and more. Never again will I attend any of those meetings without my advocate and Pam’s guidance. They are a true blessing! Even if you’re at a “good” school, I suggest you attending those meetings with a knowledgeable advocate from Pam’s team. You are only doing your child and their future a favor!

5on Google,Mar 28, 2018


For 3 years there have been no changes to my daughters IEP. Her academics reflect that(NO CHANGE). This year after taking a Advocate with me. The changes are enormous. Can only imagine grades will follow.

5on Google,Mar 28, 2018


My experience was great. Pam joined my IEP meeting and didn't just listen but fought for what she felt I wanted and needed. The fees are high but I have to admit, she is good at what she does. When I initially spoke to her she was honest about how she could help me. I don't know how its affected my sons IEP yet but so far so good,

5on Google,Mar 28, 2018


Highly recommend the IEP advocate they are phenomenal and super knowledagable!

5on Google,Mar 28, 2018


Thank goodness we had Jennifer at out annual review. We will be meeting with the IEP team again in a month with her. The counties are trying to cut as much as they can and without our advocate it would have been terrible. She fought for what is best for our son and I will not attend any meetings in the future without her. Thank goodness for Pam and her team

5on BirdEye,Mar 18, 2018


Thanks Pam and the IEP team. We are totally satisfied with our son’s IEP and BIP. It was such a relief to have Pam on a conference call, she ask questions and had input that we would have missed. We highly recommend the IEP Advovate!!

5on BirdEye,Mar 12, 2018


We are so thankful so the IEP advocate! They have helped us so much! Our advocate sandy is great and has been amazing. Would highly recommend the IEP advocate to all families!!!! Thank you!

5on Facebook,Mar 12, 2018


Pam and her company have been the voice that we have needed to navigate our way through the stressful IEP process. Our advocate sandy is phenomenal and we really appreciate everything that she has done for us! Thank you so much! Would highly recommend the IEP advocate to all families!!

5on Facebook,Mar 06, 2018


We have had the blessing of working with Sandy Santeiro for the past year for our son’s IEP. We have been met with numerous obstacles from his school and Sandy has always been there for us, both as an advocate for our son and to comfort us during some of the difficult times. She is very responsive to our concerns, highly organized, and always knows who to involve to get our son what he needs.

5on Facebook,Mar 01, 2018


The main office may be located in central Florida, but they have Advocates in many counties. I had a bad experience with my son moving into middle school and my Advocate was very helpful. She stood up for my son and what he needed, just like he was her family too. I am very pleased with the outcome. Give them a call.

5on Facebook,Mar 01, 2018

Libby Smith

We so appreciated having Nicole with us for our son's IEP meetings. Having a high functioning ASD child is so frustrating when you don't feel heard or that your child's needs are taken seriously because of their intellect. With Nicole's support; we felt that the school was more attentive to ALL our son's needs; not just academic. Thank you, Nicole and The IEP Advocate!

5on Google,Feb 25, 2018


Jennifer is very professional and always well prepared. She is very knowledgeable of the subject matter and cares deeply about the families she works with and their situations.

5on Facebook,Feb 20, 2018


Pam Lindemann The IEP Advocate has done an amazing job dealing with my children's elementary school. Having Pam Lindemann support compared to not having it and going at it alone is as different as night and day. I can only speak from my personal experience but when I was fighting the school system by myself they in fact flat out lied to my face on several occasions, there was nothing but misdirection, and they obstructed every effort for me to help my children get the support they needed. All I ever heard from the school and it's administration was," No we can't, No we won't, No we don't have to, No testing is not warranted for your children, No, No, No," and every excuse in the book. Having the IEP Advocates on my side changed their tune overnight and then it was," Whatever you want you can have, we would never deny a parents right to have their child tested, we are more then willing to comply, and of course how are you doing on this fine lovely day Mr. Moeser what can we do to help you." I come from the worst part of the Detroit Public School System and even I was in a culture shock when I moved down here to a supposedly grade A Florida School district. The amount of neglect, lack of accountability, and just the flat out lying that I have witnessed at my children's school has made me a true believer in having an IEP advocate by my side. I will never go to another IEP meeting without Pam's Advocates ever again.

5on Facebook,Feb 19, 2018

Renee J.S.

The IEP Advocate is the place to go to find people who will be on your side when your child needs an IEP, IEP amendments, evaluations, or even eligibility. Pam and her team are all knowledgeable and can help. They are extremely good at returning emails and phone calls. Wen you have an advocate at an IEP meeting, the school takes you seriously. It's a shame that schools don't just automatically provide services for those who need it. Our advocate knew the questions to ask and was not afraid to speak up. Keep it up Pam and team!

5on Facebook,Feb 16, 2018


Thank you Jennifer for attending Teague‘s IEP meeting. First time I didn’t cry the whole way home. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I appreciate Jennifer educating me on our rights, obligations and options. Just knowing what the schools agenda is prevented us from just going along with whatever they say, “is the way things are moving these days” Truly grateful, Shannon

5on Facebook,Feb 14, 2018


I highly recommend Pam and her entire team. It was such a relief knowing that someone who knows the ins and outs of the school system was on my side. I'm grateful that my school (St. John's County) worked with me, but I also had Lynn there with me to ask difficult questions and actually help get the school to agree to an evaluation. We were successful in setting up my son's IEP, which very easily could have been denied. As parents we are our children's first advocate, but it helps to have this team work with you and answer all of your questions. This was definitely money worth spending, I'm so happy with the decision I made to hire the IEP advocate!

5on Facebook,Feb 12, 2018


Wonderful! We had Sandy Morrissey help us fix some miss understanding on our IEP.

5on Facebook,Feb 05, 2018

Alicia Bonifay

Pam and our advocate, Jennifer, have been amazing with guidance and attending meetings with us to insure my daughter receives all the services and testing needed to help her be successful in school.

5on Facebook,Feb 05, 2018

Lisa Niles

My husband and I adopted a little girl a few years ago and we knew from day one she had special needs,as well as behavioral issues and ADHD.The first 3years of her life no child should ever have to endure what she went through. After starting kindergarten I thought alot of the problems were from being in a new environment and being there for 8hours a day,but when 1st grade started it started all over. I am truly blessed to have found Pam and her caring staff.There are so many things they are helping us with and had alot of success from the 1st meeting,can only image the next I can't thank y'all enough for letting me know we do have a voice in the school system !!!

5on BirdEye,Jan 29, 2018


What an absolute pleasure it was to attend my son's 504 meeting accompanied by an advocate from The IEP Advocate group. The meeting was positive and productive! Our advocate, Damaris was knowledgeable and professional and very skilled at keeping the meeting in focus. I am pleased with the outcome and would definitely engage this group again.

5on BirdEye,Jan 29, 2018


Using the iep advocate has been a life changing experience. They have really empowered us as parents and have been a wonderful support system for our son who is autistic. I would HIGHlY recommend them to any parent whose child has special needs. We have learned so much in re to our sons iep. Thank you!

5on Google,Jan 26, 2018


We had our first IEP meeting with Damaris the IEP advocate she was absolutely amazing. Our twins now have a voice and we as parents are thrilled to have Damaris on our team. We are so happy with the results and the way the meeting was handled. We look forward to working with Damaris and the IEP advocate team in the future. I am going to recommend this company and Damaris to all of my parent friends that are going through the school system and need help. I can't thank you all enough for being so thorough and helpful. Hirst Family

5on Facebook,Jan 22, 2018


I called Iep advocate to join me at my sons iep meeting because he was scared at school in the last 2 months Everyone at iep advocate exceeded my expectations Professional caring and calmed a stressed mother with every interaction Tammy came to our meeting with great suggestions She was fully informed and easy to talk to I felt thoroughly supported My 1st iep where I wasn’t in tears I felt we accomplished a lot in that meeting My sons going to be tested for adhd and is getting extra time for speech therapy I would thoroughly recommend just phoning them to find out what’s possible Shannon spoke to me that first call and she is awesome Jennifer and Tammy communicated with me making sure everything was ready for the meeting and I didn’t give them much time to accomplish this but they didn’t complain they just did it well worth your time Most Professional company I’ve dealt with in USA I’m Irish Thank you Iep advocate for making a real positive difference for my son who is on the road to healing Autism with NAET kinesiology CST Anat banial therapy �

5on BirdEye,Jan 19, 2018


We had our IEP meeting this morning with the help of the amazing advocate Damaris. She was absolutely exceptional and handled the meeting so well. Her service was exceptional I am so happy to have a voice for my children and for us as parents. We feel confident with Damaris walking into future meetings. Thank you all so very much. Hirst Family

5on Google,Dec 26, 2017


I appreciate all the support by the IEP. They represented my son in a professional caring way, as if it was their own child. I was lost to all the terminology with the school officials, however, the IEP advocates explained everything to me and made sure that my son was going to receive the proper education that he has not been receiving. It is like a dark cloud that has been hanging over is gone and my son is looking forward to succeeding. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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