Testimonials: What Others Are Saying About Us


Tina K.

You gave me the courage to stand up for myself and my son.  I said things I never would have said without you there, and when I didn’t know what to say, you stepped in.  What a world of difference.  I’ve never had an IEP meeting go so well and where so much got accomplished.  Thank you.

Carl C.

Pam, I called my school district and spoke to someone in the Exceptional Student Education department about the problems I am having with my son’s school.  After awhile the school district employee dropped her voice and whispered to me, ‘I can’t really help you.  Call Pam Lindemann.  She’ll help you.  She’s a bulldog.’  I am so grateful to that district employee for having the guts to refer me to you. After talking with you I know my son will get the help he needs.

HLT, Orlando

Words can’t express my gratitude for all the help you have given us throughout this time.  It’s been such a rough ride, and without you, we would have not made the progress that we did.  Without you doing what you do, we would really be struggling through all this bureaucratic mess.  You are a wealth of information and a great support, and I so appreciate the time and effort you placed to help my special boy :-)”

Heidi F

Thank you so much for all your help in preparation for our IEP/staffing meeting.  Everything went smoothly and seamlessly – the best, most stress-free meeting by far!  We are looking forward to our son attending kindergarten in private school – thanks for all your input and McKay facts.

MJK, Orlando

Thanks again for all you have done to help us get through this whole IEP process.  You educated us on how the public school system works, informed us of our rights as parents, and encouraged us to use our voice and do whatever it takes to ensure our son receive the services he needed.  We’ve come so far and are very pleased with the results.  Thank you for following your calling to help parents like us and children like ours.  You are amazingly talented and we can’t thank you enough for being part of our son’s team.


I finally received an IEP for my son earlier on this year.  It was a huge relief because it meant that I could move forward and apply for the McKay scholarship. I had no idea how the process worked, nor could I find any information to help me learn more about the McKay and what funding I was eligible for.  I called Pam and she was quick to help.  She reviewed my son’s IEP and determined that with the level of services he was receiving at that time, he would be eligible for the lower amount of funding at a 251. I was disappointed but Pam gave me hope!  We worked hard and secured extra services that my son needed to help him in school which in turn meant he qualified for more points on the matrix.  I registered my intent with the McKay and finally we now have a score at 253.   I am delighted and so grateful to Pam for her help and support along the way!

Tamara D

I have told many parents about you and what you did for us.   My son is a completely different child than he was a year ago.  He felt “stupid” and like he was a failure…but now he is so proud of himself and we are proud of him as well.   I wish we had contacted you years earlier.  We chased our tail in elementary school.  His middle school has been a completely different experience.  Thank you so much.

F. Sildeck

Thank you for all your help with my daughter’s IEP meeting.  The Staffing  Specialist at the school made a lot of compliments about you.  She said the meeting was so smooth – very different from other meetings she had participated in.

I.P., Kissimmee

I cannot begin to thank you, for the class that I took from you.  I really got all of the services that my daughter needed.   I could not have done it without your help.  I really took control of the entire meeting – this time I was calling all of the shots.


"Thanks for coming today.  I thought the meeting went well once they realized we weren’t leaving until something was done.   I wouldn’t have had the courage to speak up at all without your help.” – Carol, "I think we did AMAZING today!  I felt confident and you being there helped me feel confident and all your GREAT points at the end of the meeting were FABULOUS.  My husband was very impressed and liked how you had them [the school] put a lot of the specific points in the notes.  You did a wonderful job!"

Julie K.

Dear Pam, When I first met you, I had been through several IEP meetings from hell with [my school] district. I was so beat up and heartbroken with worry about my daughter after meetings, that I would cry all the way home. You took me under your wing and gave me the support I needed to become a better advocate for my daughter. When the district retaliated against me, you were right there helping me to be strong and stand up for what was right for my daughter. I was even able to file complaints to the Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights with your help. Pam, you are an amazing woman, mother, parent advocate and friend.  I will be forever grateful to all you have done for my daughter and me. With my greatest admiration, respect and appreciation, I thank you.

Jen S.

I have had Pam Lindemann as my son’s advocate for the last two years. She has been an indispensable member of my son’s team. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding student rights and a wonderful source of support. My son’s academic progress would have stalled if it weren’t for Pam acting as my advocate and attending his IEP and behavioral meetings. I know my son’s potential but I do not always know my rights as a parent in the school system. Pam Lindemann acts as a bridge to ensure my son achieves his academic potential with teachers, therapists, and administrators acting all on the same page.

Marilyn R.

I feel truly blessed to have you as my advocate – it made the difference. At my daughters’ elementary school I have tried since the second grade to have these specific tests done on her to get an IEP. She is currently in the fourth grade and it was not until I gave her principal the letter [you gave me] that suddenly I was taken seriously. I will never forget the principal’s expression when I personally handed her the letter requesting IEP testing for my daughter. I was previously told I was in a long list of parents and it would be months before an IEP meeting would be held.  However, after I gave the principal your letter I had a meeting in just a couple a days! I feel this time my daughter and my voices are being heard and she will, God willing, finally get the academic foundation the system has been due her.  Thank you.

C. Taylor, mother

After attending the IEP seminar I felt very prepared for the process. I was able to walk into our IEP meeting informed, educated and unintimidated.  My confidence resulted in my son receiving the services he needed and is entitled to.  Choosing to attend this seminar was the best thing I could have done for both myself and my child.

A. White

After so many years of watching my son suffer because of my lack of knowledge of the “system” and the law, I was at wits’ end not knowing what to do. It was about 2 1/2 years ago when I was first blessed with the privilege to have Pam by my side. Since then, she has taught me how to help him by guiding, teaching and many times leading me. My son has flourished. He has become the boy I knew he could be and the boy he wanted to be. She has taught me how to fight for him and to never give up. I am forever grateful to have her in our lives.

M. Mancone

Thank you for your advocating services during my son’s long IEP process.  Your thorough knowledge of Wright’s Law, the IEP process and due process procedures were immeasurable when navigating through all of the red tape the school put before me.  In fact, I have never seen such a detailed behavior plan due to your services.  Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future if anyone has any questions about your skill and qualifications
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