McKay Scholarship IEP Webinar
McKay Scholarship IEP Webinar

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McKay Scholarship Webinar

From the desk of Pam Lindemann…I’ve done a lot of seminars and webinars about the McKay Scholarship and this one was so outstanding, that when I finished recording it I knew I had nailed it and wanted to make it available to you so you can download it and listen to it at your convenience. It has so much good information in it you’ll want to listen to it a couple times.

 Some of what’s covered includes:

  • How to qualify for the McKay Scholarship.
  • What the scholarship amounts are and how you might be able to increase your child’s scholarship amount.
  • Make sure you don’t lose the scholarship by doing this one very important thing.
  • What you must do before withdrawing your child from public school or you’ll lose the scholarship altogether.
  • Scholarship deadlines for registration, enrollment and payment.


Note:  Until further notice, this will be the ONLY way we will be teaching about the McKay Scholarship. This recording is so good, it is replacing all our seminars and webinars.

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