IEP and Middle School Webinar

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IEP and Middle School

It’s a common practice that happens way too often: Schools will tell parents their child, who has an IEP, no longer needs the IEP services because they’re moving into middle school. We have seen so many IEP’s where, without the parent even realizing it, the school district took services off of the IEP.

In other situations, middle schools just did not follow the IEP and did not provide the services on the IEP. Many times this is a violation of the Individuals with Disabilities ACT (IDEA). Frequently school personnel will tell parents, “It’s middle school. We don’t provide those services here.” Or, “Your child is older now. He has to learn how to do things on his own.” Are you kidding? It’s middle school! Most children need more help and support, not less!

Please, middle school transition meetings will be starting soon and you need to be prepared. This webinar will do just that, prepare you.

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