Why We Do What We Do

Many years ago, in a land far away, a man left his home to travel the world.  He was gone a long time and at the end of his trip he found himself at the edge of a big chasm that was very deep and very wide.  The man’s home was on the other side. So the man climbed down one side of the mountain, crossed the raging river and climbed up the other side to his home.  It was very difficult to do and took a very long time.  Once home he immediately started building a bridge over the chasm. The man’s family and friends thought he was crazy.

They told him he would never travel that way again so his efforts were useless.  In response he said: “I have conquered the chasm and the raging torrent, but I know there comes someone after me for whom this will be an impossible challenge.  I am building this bridge for him.” We are absolutely passionate about helping parents of children with special needs.  It is our God given mission.

Pam Lindemann

Pam Lindemann, The IEP Advocate

With the birth of her daughter who has cerebral palsy, Pam Lindemann learned about the special education process and has been helping parents navigate through the IEP process for the past 16 years. She has taught hundreds of adults about advocacy and has worked for many organizations and agencies supporting children with disabilities. Pam has been appointed by two governors to sit on education committees for the State of Florida, she started three private schools and ran a charter school for several years. However, the part of her career she is most proud of are the hundreds of parents she has helped get services from the public school system.

For the past eight years Pam has focused exclusively on helping parents get IEP’s, 504 Plans and the McKay Scholarship.  She has built the largest private advocacy group in the State of Florida, putting together a team of people who are knowledgeable, experienced and most of all, passionate, about helping parents get the services their children need to be successful in school.

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