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The Advocate’s Prayer
Put the right thoughts in my heart, the right words on my tongue.
Remind me that I am just a vessel, Lord, to carry your word to others.
Let me be strong for this child and this family.  When it seems difficult to voice opposition or to be firm in a request, help me not to waiver.
Help me be silent when I need to shut up.
Help me to apologize when I’ve been wrong.
Remind me that I am not in control…You are.
Help me to remember that every person at this meeting was made by You and is loved by You.  Each team member has value and worth.  Each of them has a mother and a father, is a husband or wife, a mom or dad, or grandparent, and is loved by someone else. 
I pray for each school member, Lord.  Instead of being an obstacle, remind them of why they became an educator, therapist or administrator in the first place.  Rekindle in them a helpful heart and a desire to do what’s right by this child.   Rekindle in them their love of children and give them the courage and confidence to make the right decisions today.
While listening to what is happening in the meeting, let me be attentive to your whisper and be obedient to your direction.  Let me feel the peace that comes from knowing you are in control.
Let me be a reflection of your love and understanding and use me, Lord, for your glory.  In Jesus’ name, I pray. 
Written by Pam Lindemann, The IEP Advocate
Copyright 2010, The IEP Advocate, Inc.  All rights reserved.