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McKay Scholarship Review: Find Out If Your Child's McKay Scholarship Amount Can Be Increased
Before you pull your child out of school to use the McKay Scholarship, you want to make sure the IEP is qualifying for the most money possible.  We review your IEP and tell you if the amount can be increased and how to do it.  If it can't be increased, at least you have the peace of mind knowing you didn't leave any money behind.  

Call Shannon at 407-342-9836 and ask for a McKay Review!

We Specialize in Handling Difficult Situations With The District: Mediation & Due Process
Look, no one likes a fight, but sometimes you have to use the tools available to you to make sure your child receives the free appropriate he has a right to have.  When the school, despite all your attempts, refuses to work with you, then it may be time to take a stronger approach.  Mediation or due process may be the next step.  Unfortunately, some school districts only listen when threatened with legal action. Although we are NOT attorneys, we can recommend you to professionals who have successfully helped our clients in the past. Click here or call 407-342-9836.
Don't Want to Hire An Advocate, Just Want A Consultation and Some Direction?  We do that!
Some parents just need a little bit of direction, and a few questions answered from time to time. If that's you, we can work with you on consulting basis where you only pay for the time we talk!
Parent Training: Special Education Advocacy
If you belong to a specific group or organization, or there are people in your area interested in getting more information about how to be a better advocate for children with special needs, we'd love to come and do a half day or full day training!
Call 407-342-9836.
Does Your Child Need a 504 Plan or An IEP?  We have close to a 100% success rate in qualifying our clients for services from the school district. Call: 407-342-9836
Your Child Is Struggling and Needs Evaluations But The School Won't Do Them...What Do You Do?
When a parent requests evaluations from the public school because their child is struggling, the school is required to do the evaluations. Many times they refuse and give tons of excuses why they can't. Here's a letter to send to improve your chances of getting evaluations...
Have Questions About Your Child's IEP?
Contact us.  We'll be more than happy to talk with you.  If it's an easy to solve problem, we're happy to help.  If it's more involved, we'll let you know our fee and what it will take to correct and improve the situation. Click here or call: 407-342-9836.
Need Help With An Upcoming IEP Meeting?
It's a fact: Bringing a trained advocate to your meeting improves the results.  As your advocate we make sure:
1. You are heard and your concerns are understood.
2. Your child receives all the services he qualifies for.
3. The school district follows the law and does what they're supposed to do.
If you're thinking you'd like to have an advocate go with you to your meeting, we have a team of highly trained and experienced advocates available to help.